Collegiate Church of St Mary, Warwick

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See also: Christenings, Baptisms and Thanksgivings



To discuss arranging a wedding at St Mary's

Please call the Parish Office to arrange an appointment at clergy surgery which is held on a Wednesday evening from 6.10pm. Tel 01926 403940.

Click here for directions to the Parish Office


Who can get married at St Mary's?

From 2008 new regulations came into force regarding who can legally qualify to get married at St Mary's Church. Couples need to establish a "qualifying connection" by virtue of one or more of the following:


a) by being baptised in St Mary's and having an entry in the baptism register;

b) by being confirmed in the Church of England and having an entry in St Mary's confirmation register;

c) by having a parent or grandparent who was married at St Mary's;

d) by having your usual place of residence in the Parish for at least six months;

e) by having a parent whose usual place of residence has been in the Parish for at least six months during your lifetime;

f) by habitually attending public worship at St Mary's for at least six months;

g) by one parent habitually attending public worship at St Mary's for at least six months.


The clergy will be willing to talk through these options in more detail with couples. In addition, if either party has had a previous marriage dissolved then this must be discussed with the clergy in accordance with the Church of England guidelines.



About two months before the wedding your banns will be read in Church. This is a legal requirement and a public announcement of your intention to marry. You should be present to hear your banns read, and it is often a good time to involve parents. If either of you live outside the area covered by the Warwick Team of churches you must arrange for banns to be read at the parish where you live, and obtain a certificate which you should bring with you to the wedding rehearsal. Please note that we cannot legally marry you without this certificate.


Music and choirs

Choosing  wedding music can be a daunting prospect. In order to help youdecide, St Mary's produces a list of hymns and choral and organ music. This list of Wedding Music Repertoire includes a wide range of recommendations of both the traditional and the contemporary music (including the standard "classics") that from our experience works well in St Mary's. St Mary's can provide a treble voice choir made up of either girls' or boys' voices (subject to availability) or a full choir of men and boys, or men and girls, (subject to availabity) to help lead the singing of the hymns and provide music during the signing of the register. Where the choir is singing a conductor is required and will be provided. Please bring 20 copies of the order of service to the wedding rehearsal so that the choir can rehearse the hymns before the day itself. St Mary's will provide an organist from its team of professional musicians. If you need to explore your music choices still further,the Director of Music, Thomas Corns, will be happy to discuss these with you; he can be contacted on 01926



Service sheets

These are helpful to the congregation because a couple's choice may often be from a number of different hymnbooks. If you intend to have these printed, do allow plenty of time. Three weeks before your wedding is a good rule of thumb if you are using a professional printer. The Parish Office is also able to do good quality service sheets at a competitive price. (see contact details below).


Photos and recording

Please make sure your photographer knows photos are permitted only during the signing of registers, the arrival of the bride and groom, when you leave in procession, and outside the Church. Professional videos may be made only by prior arrangement with the Vicar of St Mary's. If music and musicians are involved in your wedding, a licence must be applied for from the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society for the professionally made video, and additional fees are payable to the musicians. The focus of the service is the bride and groom so it is important that the person making the video recording remains in the designated place and does not distract from the couple getting married. Please note that guests are not permitted to take photos or videos during the service.



St Mary's has an excellent flower team who give their services more of your money can go on flowers. They will provide two pedestal arrangements to a professional standard (plus decorations for the end of of each row of chairs if requested). Please contact Brenda Watts on We would be very grateful if flowers could be left for Sunday services.



You are welcome to use confetti outside the Church, as long as it is biodegradeable.



Please contact Glynis Nixon in the Parish Office (01926 403940) who will be happy to arrange for a team of bellringers, subject to availability.


Fees (provisional)

These are the costs of all the possible elements forweddings and blessings. Please feel free to discuss your particular requirements with the clergy. Please note that there are some additional church and musical costs if your service is videoed.


Church marriage service and fees     £514.00 (£564.00 if videoed)

Church blessing service     £486.00  (£536.00 if videoed)

Organist     £130.00  (£260.00 if videoed

Treble voices' choir and conductor     £330  (£660.00 if videoed)

Men and treble voices' choir and conductor     £550.00  (£1100 if videoed)

Bells     £185.00

Flowers     £150

Inclusive total for wedding (including treble voices)    £1309.00  (£1819.00 if videoed)

Inclusive total for wedding (including men's and treble voices)     £1529.00  (£2259.00 if videoed)

Inclusive total for blessing (including treble voices)     £1281.00  (£1791.00 if videoed)

Inclusive total for blessing (including men's and treble voices)     £1501.00  (£2231.00 if videoed)


Payment of fees

The Parish Office will send you an invoice, and payment must be made three weeks before the service takes place. Payment may be made by cash or cheque to the Parish Office. The flower arrangers will organise payment for flowers with themselves when you meet them to discuss your requirements.


And finally.............

If you have any questions, or if we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to ask. Contact the Parish Office on 01926 403940, email, or visit us in person at the Church (the Parish Office is at the far end of the Beauchamp Chapel). You can visit the Office betweeen 10.00am and 1.00pm, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


See also for information on planning your church wedding.

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