Collegiate Church of St Mary, Warwick

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Projects of the Friends of St Mary's

List of projects undertaken by the Friends of St Mary's Collegiate Church,Warwick

Year Project description Cost
2007 Towards Church website435
2007 Silver Communion Chalice275
2007 Altar Cloth160
2006 Replacement Church Noticeboard1667
2006 Repairs to wheelchair75
2005 Repainting of the Beauchamp Chapel ceiling and further improvements to the Chapel lighting8814
2004 Statue of Madonna and Child5000
2004 A further improvement to the Beauchamp Chapel lighting850
2004 Funding for the materials to make ten kneelers200
2002 Beauchamp Chapel Lighting1564
2001 Repairs to Queen Anne Clock2000
2000 Restoration of third Hatchment1477
2000 Badges of office for Wardens and Sidesmen501
2000 Handrail to Beachamp Chapel steps911
1999 Celebrant's chair, 2 chairs for Assistants, and 2 prayer desks2620
1998 Installation of Sanctus Bell800
1998 Restoration of second Hatchment875
1996 Purple altar frontal250
1996 Repair of seven Vestry chairs250
1996 Repair of first Hatchment600
1996 Dorothy Styles' books on the Beauchamp Chapel868
1995 Towards memorial for H R Hosking150
1995 Boat for Thurible, and spoon525
1992 Thurible1092
1986 Sound System for the Nave, and a plaque to commemorate this4843
1984 Piano cradle237
1983 40 chairs for chancel
1981 New flag of St. George for tower & repair to rope & pulley108
1979 Refurbishment of hatchments. Work done by H.R.Hosking. Cost of materials only.
Holder for processional cross.
1976 Furnishings for choir vestry and contribution towards a piano.250
1974-75 Development of bookstall, showcase and notice boards. Work was done by K.Franklin & B.M Frazer, boys at Aylesford School.200
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