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Friends of St Mary's

The Friends of the Collegiate Church of St Mary, Warwick, has been a great fundraiser over many years, focussing on the beautification of the church and supporting the fellowship of the community. However times change and with the massive challenges ahead to keep our iconic church in good repair, the trustees agreed in 2021 to close the Charity and move funds to support the church finances directly. 

A massive thank you to everyone who has contributed, both financially and with their time over the years. We hope that you will continue to support the Church and Campaign 2023.

Jayne McHale 

Chair of FOSM


Capital Campaign

Campaign 2023

Our campaign priority now and over the next few months is to seek

urgent and substantial assistance towards the vital repair and restoration of the tower.



A restoration plan is in place and we need to raise around £1.8 million to ensure this work is completed to the highest standard and makes the building safe for visitors to the town as well as local people. In practical terms the restoration work includes repointing, pointing, repairing and replacing the eroded stonework. It will make the tower secure and protect the original masonry as much as possible for the future. It is vital to preserve all the original stonework now before it is too late.

The works will take approximately one year including the setting up and taking down of scaffolding. Our immediate aim over the next three months is to seek funding for the tower so that works can begin as early as possible in the new year. An urgent appeal is underway to raise around £1.8m to safeguard the future of St Mary’s ahead of its 900th anniversary in 2023.

To find out more, please visit the Campaign 2023 website at



Many people give of their time and talents to help St Mary’s in many ways, and do invaluable work towards the day to day running of the Church. If you feel you would like to assist in any of the following ways once when we reopen please email or visit the Parish Office.

Become a Guide

Are you interested in history and meeting people? 
Our GUIDING TEAM are looking for more people to join them, to help maintain St Mary’s proud record of being open to visitors every day of the year, apart from Good Friday and Christmas Day when the Church is open only for services. 
St Mary’s Church, with its famous Beauchamp Chapel, attracts around 38,000 visitors a year from all over the world, and is a major tourist attraction in the area. 
Volunteers are needed who can give a regular commitment of as little as two hours a week and who can be a friendly welcome to visitors or, after support and training, become a fully fledged guide. 
Volunteers do not have to be expert historians, but a love of historic buildings and people is an excellent start. 
If you are interested in becoming a Guide, or would like further information, please ring the Parish Office team on  01926 403940 option 1 or


If you would like to take an active part in services, there are roles for Sidespeople, Readers, Intercessors and others. If you are interested, please contact the Parish Office  01926 403940.

Churchyard Maintenance

As we have a “closed” churchyard, its maintenance falls to the Town Council, whose responsibility is to mow, and to manage the trees. There is, however, untapped potential for planting and maintaining garden areas within the Churchyard, to include shrubs, spring bulbs and other flowers. If you have the time and aptitude please contact the Parish Office  01926 403940.

How can I help?

Thank you to all those who already give so generously to St Mary's.


Campaign 2023 and tower restoration

To find out more and how you can support this campaign please visit

Make a regular standing order to St Mary’s

By doing so you greatly aid St Mary’s budgeting as many of our fixed costs are paid out monthly. Furthermore you have no need to remember to write a cheque or find the right amount of cash every Sunday. We have special cards for standing order givers to place in the collection plate at each service. Click here for a standing order form.

Fill out a gift aid declaration form

If you are a taxpayer you can complete a gift aid declaration which enables us to reclaim from the Government the amount of tax you are deemed to have paid on the amount you agree to give us. Whether you pay by standing order or by numbered envelope, please complete one of these forms if you haven’t already done so. Click here for a gift aid declaration form (fill in Personal Details and Gift Aid sections only).

Complete a gift aid envelope

If you can't give by standing order, you can still help by putting your cash donation in a gift aid envelope, available in the Church, and completing the details on the front. Again, this enables us to claim back the tax on your donation.

Please consider donating to St Mary's to preserve this historical and beautiful building, just a £2 can make a huge difference.