Join & Support the Choirs


Could your son or daughter join the choir?

Choristers come to St Mary's from a wide area and attend many different schools. Children do not need any previous experience, just an interest in singing and music and a clear voice with a good musical ear.

"Christmas is a busy time and I love all the special services and performances, especially Carols at Warwick Castle. We sing on a specially constructed stage to over 2500 people - it makes you feel very excited and proud to be part of the choir." Boy chorister

"Being a part of the choir is all about fun and some of the best friendships you'll ever find. I can honestly say that I loved every minute of it." Former girl chorister

"A huge amount is expected of the boys and girls and there is a vast repertoire to learn and perform. The rewards however are enormous. The choristers often leave a service or concert on a real high. All choristers have a responsibility to themselves, and more importantly to the rest of the choir, to do their best in every performance. It helps to develop a real sense of commitment." Chorister parent

What are the choirs?

The boy and girl choristers are distinct groups with their own musical and social identities. They rehearse and perform separately and occasionally sing together for some of the bigger services and events. Both the boys and the girls regularly sing with the men of the choir, who are experienced musicians who live and work in the surrounding area.

Boys normally join from the age of 7 or above and many go on to sing with the Men's Choir when their voices change.

Girls normally join around the age of 8 or above and continue to sing in the Girls' Choir through school years 12 and 13.

What are the benefits of being a chorister?

  • A free, outstanding musical education
  • Performing music by great composers with experience adult singers, led by specialist professional musicians
  • Taking part in concerts, television and radio broadcasts, recordings, and national and international tours
  • Developing leadership skills, personal confidence, self-motivation, self-discipline, and a sensitivity to culture and heritage within a supportive environment
  • Improving academic performance and gaining the health benefits of regular singing
  • Enjoying being part of a team with a strong sense of identity
  • Forming lasting friendships
  • Receiving Choir Pay for singing
  • Having great fun!

What is the regular time commitment?

Choir terms are broadly aligned to school terms, and include singing for special services and events over Christmas and Easter.


New boy choristers rehearse after school on Tuesdays and gradually attend the full schedule. Boys rehearse after school on Tuesdays and Fridays. Boys usually sing for morning and evening services on Sundays with the men.


New girl choristers rehearse after school on Mondays and gradually attend the full schedule. Girls rehearse after school on Mondays and sing for a service after school on Wednesdays (girls only). Girls occasionally sing for morning and evening services on Sundays with the men.


Men sing for a service and rehearse after work on Fridays. ​Men sing for morning and evening services on Sundays with the boys or girls. Outside term time the choirs sing for special services at Christmas and Easter and occasionally tour during the holidays.

How to Join

The Director of Music is always pleased to meet prospective choristers and their parents informally at any time.

Boy choristers who attend Warwick Junior and Senior Schools are eligible to apply for choral scholarships.

For further information, please contact:

Oliver Hancock, Director of Music
tel: +44 (0)1926 403940

How to Support the Choirs

We are very proud of our musical tradition at St Mary’s. If you would like to support the Choirs and their activities, there are many ways in which you can help:

  • You can sponsor a service of Choral Evensong in memory of a loved one:
  • A gift of £200 or above will contribute to the cost of a day’s music, and provide the opportunity to remember a loved one, the life they lived, and the impact they made in a very personal and positive way. Choose a date when the Choirs are singing and celebrate the joy that music brings. Your loved one’s name will be read out on the date that you choose and marked on the monthly Service and Music List.
  • You can contribute towards the cost of a set of music copies for the Choirs.
  • The Director of Music is always happy to discuss music that we don’t yet have in the Choir library. You can contribute towards a particular piece (and be credited when it is performed, if you wish) or towards the general costs of buying music.
  • You can sponsor or part-sponsor a concert or recital.
  • And more.

If you would like to discuss supporting the music-making of St Mary’s, please contact the Director of Music 
Oliver Hancock, Director of Music
+44 (0)1926 403940 (option 2)

The Choirs also benefit from the support of The Friends of St Mary’s Choirs. Please click on the link for more information on their activities and how to join.